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As mankind faces a tremendous change of climate it becomes more and more important what we do not do, buy and therefore support. Active renunciation can help us to generate a fundamental realignment towards a holistically sustainable Xistence.
A main quality of art is to transform existing things and circumstances and to deal with a scarcity of resources, trailblazing a path towards a sustainable mode of output.
It is essential to reflect on consumption and revitalize modesty. The concept of renunciation becomes increasingly essential not only in the production process but also in terms of transportation and storage. The materials being used often simply camouflage a lack of meaning and are detrimentally made mostly by exploiting people and resources. These materials poison our ecosystem and amplify climate change. The production of byproducts like bubblewrap, wood crates, styrofoam, etc. releases staggering amounts of CO2 and generates mountains of waste. Many talk about ethics and moral in the exhibition context but what about the machinery in the background? - A big trash producing bigotry ruled by virtue-signaling and material excess displaying art at the expense of the environment, people and future generations. Structural racism is directly linked to this dynamic and creates wealth on the upper end of the line.
Those sluggish dynamics and the long braking distance are slowing us down in the way we think and react. Honesty, responsibility, commitment, impartiality and the willingness to fail and to be attacked by those who act ignorant are vitally important in times of ideological delusions. Under the human banner art can take a bold position and demonstrate change. Our lifeform is as fragile as the decaying world around us and the capricious markets that secure our economic survival, entering the biggest collective learning process in human history.
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