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Block X marks the beginning of a new scenario. After Daedalus was punished by the loss of his son, swallowed by the sea, a moral realignment seems possible.
As the parameters have changed the purpose is to create a concept in which the upcoming ecological, economical and geo-social challenges are taken into account.

Crucial understanding comes by reflecting on materialistic items asking yourself how something is made and who made it. Where does the material come from? Why is it made at all? What about the transportation and where does it go when you throw it away? How is the price generated? Where does the profit go? We are still supporting the machinery of exploitation. The exploitation of people and resources built on the concept of colonialism and slavery.
The process of recycling and renewing is a key element inducing a transformation of the social- and geopolitical body on a global scale. We are entering the biggest collective learning process in human history. A metamorphosis of the inner and outer self. We seek independence from the racist machinery of neoliberalism and generate effective tools within ourselves.
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